Kevins Worldwide is committed to customer satisfaction and that your products are on time, every time, decorated exactly as promised. To help us keep this promise, please view some frequently asked questions customers have about the ordering process for Acumatica Branded and Acumatica Co-Branded products.

A. What is the difference between Acumatica Branding program products and Acumatica Co-Branding program products?

1) Acumatica Branding Products: Acumatica Branding products feature a left chest "Acumatica" logo only. 

2) Acumatica Co-Branding Products: Acumatica Co-Branding products feature a left chest "Acumatica" logo, plus an addition logo of your choice of one of the following options: Right chest, back yoke, left sleeve, or right sleeve.

B. Are there minimum order quantities for all items? 

1) Yes. All apparel items are a minimum 10 piece order. This means that you must have at least 10 apparel items in your cart to checkout. For example, all 10 apparel items could be the same shirt OR you could have 5 Men's shirts or 5 Ladies shirts.

2) Yes. All promo items have a set minimum quantity. The minimum quantity is listed on each item and will automatically update in your cart if you select less than the minimum quantity. 

C. When will I receive my final product? 

1) Acumatica Co-Branded Program Product: You will receive your product within 2 weeks after you approve your Sew-Out. 

2) Acumatica Branded Program Products: Acumatica Branded Program Products will ship within 2 weeks of checking out.

3)  Promo Items: All promo items will ship within 2 weeks of checking out.

D. What is a Sew-Out?

1)  We send out your logo embroidered on a small piece of clothing so you can verify the accuracy of the colors. Once we receive your written approval, you will receive your product within 2 weeks.

2)  You will receive an email address to approve the Sew-Out in your order confirmation. Please reference the email address listed to either approve your Sew-Out or make any modifications needed.

E. Where and when will the custom Sew-Out logo example be sent when I order an Acumatica Co-Branded Product?

1) We will send a Sew-Out within 5-7 Business days.

2) You will receive your Sew-Out at the Shipping Address you provided in your order. If you do not want to receive the Sew-Out at the Shipping Address you provided in your order, you can manually enter the Sew-Out shipping address in the final stages of checkout in the required checkout question at the bottom of the page. 

3) You can send Sew-Out Approval or Sew-Out Changes to: eCommerce@KevinsWW.com

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